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Lisa Andria

I am a Certified Life Coach that has reinvented my life and can help you do the same.

I help women gain confidence and clarity in order to have a successful reinvention journey.

How can I retire successfully? I am an empty nester and need to find my new identity. I just got divorced – How do I transition to a new life? Can you help me live a more authentic and happy life? What career change should I make in order to be happier?  What direction should I go in to have a more satisfying life and career?

Do any of those comments resonate with you?

I have successfully helped many women take charge to reevaluate their current life and inner desires, restore themselves to a more authentic life and then devise the plan for reinvention. I provide coaching to create the right plan for you and help keep you on track even after our work is done. Life Coaches support and guide their clients because you are more successful when you have someone helping you.

“Change is good – embrace it, learn from it, and appreciate the challenge”


Iris Y

Lisa helped me get my confidence back after I fled an awful mean boss that made me fall apart and said I would never get another good job. Lisa’s coaching brought me back to life by asking questions about what I really want out of life & checking in on me regularly to keep me motivated.  Without her on my side, I would have never been able to return to my positive, happy & confident self. I am grateful for her every day!

Patty D

Lisa Andria had been a great source of motivation and positivity to help me during a difficult time in my life. I needed to re-invent myself and Lisa was the perfect life coach to help me take on this difficult task. My head and heart were incredibly scattered at the time but Lisa was able to guide me and point out areas in my life to improve. Lisa was able to offer ways to start and continue my personal life renovation.

Robbin B

I worked with Lisa after I was laid off to get career support and she was able to ask the right questions and provide a focused approach to finding a new job that I would enjoy. As a result, I now have a couple great job opportunities and appreciate her help making me feel empowered and optimistic about moving forward.

Savannah G

I was gifted Life Coaching lessons with Lisa this spring and it has been a fantastic experience. It was an opportunity to evaluate the direction of my life, my strengths, my desires, and what may be holding me back. Lisa is a kind and empathetic coach who has a real talent for rationalizing and validating your emotions, while giving you the confidence and practical steps/tools to change your circumstances. I highly recommend getting to know Lisa if you’re curious about self-improvement!

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